Sunset on the Red Sea, 2023, polyuréthane sur toile, 57 x 49 cm
Sunset on the Red Sea, 2023, polyuréthane sur toile, 57 x 49 cm

Fabien Karp, born in 1992, in Nice, France, is an artist residing in Saint-Gilles, Belgium. Initially studying law, his passion for art led him to pursue a Bachelor’s in Art from ENSAD Nancy and a Master in Painting from ENSAV la Cambre.
He’s exhibited widely, showcasing diverse works in various mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and more. Inspired by the French Riviera, where he comes from, his art often reflects its vibrant visuals with a touch of pop aesthetics.
Fabien Karp experiments with different materials, blending them to challenge traditional boundaries. He’s fascinated by the interplay between materiality in art and the clash it presents with an artist’s thoughts, mirroring the complexities of human existence.
Beyond paintings, Fabien Karp explores performance, publishing, sculpture, and sound, always focusing on visual impact, pushing the boundaries of art and inviting them to explore a world of visual possibilities.



Solo shows

Bisous de Nice , Idiotopie , Nancy

Group shows

Popcorn, Mima Museum, Molenbeek – Bruxelles, Belgique.
Cool Cats , La Mercerie , Bruxelles
Cul.bite.chien , Blast , Liège
Crop Circle , Fondation CAB , Bruxelles Grasshopper, Fondation Moonens, Bruxelles Royal Playground , Fondations 312 , Bruxelles
See you all , Alice gallery , Bruxelles
Ohm, Former project space , Bruxelles
Sweethearts , Barbara Club , Bruxelles
Graduation show , Espace Vanderborght , Bruxelles Le chant du halbran , Alice gallery , Bruxelles
Cyborg , QO2 , Bruxelles
Views from the top , Esplanade de l’Europe , Bruxelles Un poésie contemporaine , La Vallée , Bruxelles
All in one , Kanal Pompidou , Bruxelles
Pic-nique festival , Creator Space , Shanghaï
Lowcost , Rochet Sedin , Bruxelles
Proxima Centauri B , Idiotopie , Nancy
Monstre festival , L’Usine , Genève
Eldorado , Atelier .EXE , Nancy
Tout est Permis , Galerie Neuf , Nancy War Mimicry , Atelier .EXE , Nancy
Tournoi de peinture sportive , CCGP , Nancy


2014 – 2018
DNAP (Art Bachelor) , ENSAD Nancy
2018 – 2021
Master Peinture, ENSAV la Cambre